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Unruly Hair, Unruly Me

How many times do you usually visit the salon in a month? How many times do I have to visit the salon in a month?

It is funny that my hair needs EXTRA tlc every day. I mean, for someone like me who does not care about physical appearances, I visited the salon almost every week just to get my hair under control! Now ain’t that an achievement?

Just like me, my hair is unruly and could get stubborn as can be. It never stays in one place–it never really behaves. Some hairstylists gave up on it already, just like some people who cannot get my personality. Some was afraid to fix my hair as they were afraid to ruin it or make it worse and it is just like other people who are afraid of approaching me just because they think they’ll be doomed when they talk to me. Oh well, they will be doomed if they try to do politics sh**s on me and lie in front of my face when their lies are too transparent for a person like me.

Sorry this conversation went haywire and just like split ends, they tend to go crisp and brittle at the edges of my every strand which I hated by the way and is endless until I went to a salon for my third cut in two months.

I heard the hairstylist say, “ you are blessed with too much hair! “ and I giggled. Yes, it‘s as true as being blessed with so many unimaginable things. But I shall tell you this: my hair never grew long just like my height. Well it did, once, just until my shoulders and that’s that. Back to the salon for a haircut. I don’t know why but yes, my height got stuck at 4′ 11 and increased to maybe a flat 5′ but am not certain but that is that, I never grew taller than I am right now.

And I got to say, I am loving my unruly hair at the moment that I don‘t mind it flying away or making me feel like I have a really big head here. Ha ha.



A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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