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Celebrating the Small Stuff

Just after final exams, different people invited me to celebrated the end of the semester. Most of them were unexpected as I have stayed quiet and distant from campus people. But with the invitations, I have to reject almost all and be cautious of the ones I accept. I only accepted one, where we just went for a decent lunch at 50s Diner, of course where I was fashionably late (sadly). At the end of the day, I realized I haven’t had a proper celebration for myself. I just watched A Silent Voice after midnight. I decided to celebrate the following day after exams.


I wore that pink flamingo dress and a “ninja suit” I love plus my green boots that goes perfectly well with the coat’s shade. I looked like a madman but I did not care. I wanted to wear these. But as soon as I walked out the door I shouted to the world and asked “Who’s in town?” so much for secrecy, eh? I wasn’t sure why I suddenly want to have someone to talk to. I planned this to be my “me time” and yet here I am, longing for company. I did not go coffeeshop-hopping too. Instead, I ate a few Korean street food on sticks. Then strolled through the streets of Abanao.

I wonder where this random walks would lead me to? I received a message to meet up at the hobby shop after thirty minutes. So I walked around. I went into some U.K. shops, my first time to enter alone by the way! I ran to National Bookstore to seek comfort. I must really be mad, going there alone. hihi. As usual, browsed over some books. Anything good? I’m not sure because all I can see that is good is the Paulo Coelho books. I waited until it was time to meet. But the person I was supposed to meet was late. I received a message to pick up something at the mall (*sigh* so much for secrecy of me going out today).

I realized some things just now: I was forced to buy a Haro kit and all I did was to laugh out so loud going up and down Session Road. This could have been the day I laughed the most since the last time I can remember which was when I had whole days with my best friend. And this would be the day for my longest walk ever since I stopped jogging and walking in the mornings. Ha ha ha!

McFloat Combo: Coke Float and Large Fries. Long random conversations. Newspaper. Pink Samyang. Wasn’t able to draw or write and I wasn’t able to walk home I am sooooo tired! But everything was good and just enough to call it a celebration.

Oh! And that one…or three or five second moment is the highlight of the night. Good night!




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