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Pol Sci

Pol Sci at 7:30 – 8:30 a.m., Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


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My first day at school, late enrollee, late for class. I waited for the bell to ring. I waited for the instructor to come out. He came out and I stopped him from walking. “Sir, am a new student, can I still attend your class next meeting? I enrolled late”. He said yes.

I was always late for class, always late for his class. I never intended to be absent in his classes. Unfortunately, I was 30 minutes late, as always. One day he said I should visit OSAS for readmission because he already dropped me. Wow. Scary. What am I gonna do there? I don’t even know where it is located.

I found it! The man behind the window asked if I have a Medical Certificate. I said none. He told me to write a personal letter explaining why I was absent for certain dates. Four dates and it’s just prelims! I couldn’t come up of a good story so I wrote the truth: I’m sorry for being absent on the dates indicated I was absent (I forgot the exact dates, sorry) because I was always late for class. I submitted it to the man behind the window and a larger guy asked for me. I was interviewed. My excuse was lame, that’s for sure. I was unexcused but it was marked: “for the instructor’s consideration”.

The next meeting was Prelim Exams. I went out at 5am to come to school at 6:45am. I saw him entering the campus and hurried to him. I told him was unexcused but for his consideration. He told me he’s sorry because he does not have any consideration for me. I pleaded. He said okay. I can take the exam, but once I have another absent, I’m out. It was a done deal. I did not have a single absence even when he’s the one not around. I even bought a Constitutional book!

I sat beside siblings, Queenie and Jerro. They were fun to be with as we were noisy and that we share a common interest: Wordscapes. We pass on our phones and answer word puzzles. It was one of the things that kept me sane inside the class besides memorization activities and asking questions to the instructor even when my questions are pointless.

It was a block section of Psychology students where I was mixed in with a few Political Science students. It was always quiet. The instructor was always the one talking. A few recitations, a few seatworks. Memorization, oh, how I loved it! The challenge of memorizing a section of the Constitution. It excites me. But after it, am bored again. I want more and more discussion but I also want more activities. I am always excited only to come out of the classroom with exhaustion as I was yet again, bored. But the instructor always smiles even when he’s dead serious about what he’s saying and that is good. I like strict. Without it, I won’t learn. Even when am scared, I longed for strictness and control and more work.




A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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