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Psych at 8:30 to 9:30a.m., Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


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The instructor had a serious face when I first came in. But I was accepted nonetheless. It’s just that I missed out a lot of activities as I was late. It was a block section of IT students. Whoa.

I sat beside a thin man and a Korean girl. Until Seong the Korean wasn’t coming to class. The last thing she said to me was “I cannot understand what the instructor is saying”, well, I did not know you could drop out just because of that. Then the thin man beside me who I never recalled the name, was interested in basketball, clear as crystal. I teased him every time and we laughed and joked around. But he started not attending classes anymore. I bumped into him one time and he said he’s far from passing anyway so he’s not going to continue the subject. I told him to still come cause I don’t have anyone to bully anymore. Ha ha. But he was lost already.

Then a seat apart was Samson. I teased him “Samson, Samson, where’s Delilah” in a kid’s voice. But he was silent most of the time and I was scared to talk to him. After some time, I happen to be a bit acquainted with my other classmates. Pabe and Jeremy and Aguinalde and others. I talked to them and laughed with them. Jeremy pushes me to socialize with them through a Christmas party plan but it didn’t happen. We only had a decent lunch at 50s Diner after exams.

Our class in Psychology was fun as we had role plays and surprise quizes on 1/8 sheets of paper for the benefit of those who are early and sorry for those who are late. We finished the manual in Psychology from back to back. It was a blast!



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