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Introduction to Language Study

English 9 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays


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The first time I saw my instructor, I got an aura of my mom. Why does it feel like I’m in front of my mom? Why does it feel like I’m doomed but not really? She loves to smile and she’s the only one who asked me about my past in the university. I wasn’t sure how to move forward with the subject because I wasn’t really confident to attend but because she seems to have the aura of my mom, I was thrilled. Haha. I just thought that how does it feel to be in a classroom with mom? or will I be able to survive this class even with this scary aura? I added my instructor on Facebook and showed her photo to mom. “Oh her!” she exclaimed! Oops! I guess another mistake? “I worked with her at UB when I was still there”, she said. Wow. Really? Is that why I keep getting mom’s vibes from her? Amazing.

I wasn’t aware that the class is a block section of my course. Ha ha ha. I learned it later on, after a month. But anyways, my classmates were okay. I sat beside Alvin, who happens to be my classmate in English 11 too. So I’m a bit friendly. In fact, I cared too much for people whom I don’t know too well and almost forgot that I should not be this caring for anybody anymore. It’s like damn why do I even care if people go absent on certain days? We’re all in college and have to look out for ourselves but here I am worried about people. I guess I’ll just have to calm myself and be invisible.

Reporting, activities, research.

Report: Pragmatics. I asked who my groupmates were. One was often times absent, who should I talk to? I don’t know who the other members are. Then I found them! Bahaha! I asked if they started anything or read anything about the topic. They said no and that we might report during the finals. It’s still Prelims. I took it easy. But after two days I tried to read. And you just can’t imagine my interest and worry that we won’t make it as the topic was hard! Plus the instructor said to me: “I’m banking on you.” Why do I feel so pressured and heavy with those words? Pragmatics. Ha ha ha! I borrowed two books from the library every single day from then on. I cannot borrow a third one cause two is maximum (see? even books have partners!). I read one page daily, sometimes in repeat mode when I cannot explain it in front of the mirror. I created the outline on powerpoint. That’s all I can do for now. I can’t do a full powerpoint. Why? I’m scared and I don’t know why. But everything went well in the end even with some of my mistakes like not being prepared for one single subtopic. Urgh. But it was all good and I was content.

Activities: I planned it to be a win-win situation with the numbers game. But I suck at it, sorry. I prepared a lot of fun and exciting activities but I wasn’t confident enough to execute them.

Research. Term Paper. I wasn’t aware of this not until finals. If only I was told about it earlier, I could have prepared well. But then it wasn’t individual and that I should choose my members. Again with the grouping? But it was good as I was able to finish it two hours before exams. Will we be given a high score? I don’t know but I am not expecting. I wasn’t satisfied with it. I lack time and focus. *sigh

Anyways, I finished English 9: Introduction to Language Study with a happy heart. Pragmatics is now one of my favorite topics and I still have a lot to learn about it.



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