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When Marnie Was There

Hating oneself, that constant loneliness inside. Have you ever had those moments when you feel so alone? Have you ever felt so distant to the world?

Omoide no Mânî or When Marnie Was There is written and directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, and produced by Studio Ghibli. Can this be more transparent as a mirror? Oh well, the song says it all and I’ll just share it with you.

Does my recommender know me too well or I’m just imagining things again. Ha ha ha. I don’t want to make this long because I’m too stunned to write and explain myself and my reaction to the film.

But it made me feel closer to you more than ever.



A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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