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IPMS Baguio Christmas Party

IPMS Baguio celebrates Christmas on the 21st of December at the Wolfson Room of Baguio Country Club. Guests from Manila who share the same interests as ours came, including Trapper Mendoza, Karlo Nualla, Irwin Sevilla, Arvin Tan, and Max Bonto. Our Bastard of The North was present, along with former members like Emile and Carl Mari. And, we have a new member of the club, Mr. Randolph who started off with gunpla and would like to learn to build military kits.


As the night swiftly moves, we weren’t able to take a family photo as a whole as we were occupied by Alfonso and more voices passing through the microphone through songs and whatnot. Unexpected singers like JJ were heard through the crowd; Jamil our beloved Secretary plays a card game with Joey, Carl Mari’s friend; and others roaming around like there’s something going on in each corner. As always, our daddy of the club leaves earlier than everybody else. Some came late and some left early, but the party goes on until they are satisfied and the food trays almost empty.

After parties like this, they continue to bond outside, where they laugh out loud and tease each other in bars and over drinks. I often times leave early as I did this year so I wasn’t able to witness their drinking games and red-drunk faces. But they would have been talking about Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.

Looking at everybody, I realized I wasn’t able to do anything for them all this Christmas. I think I now know how to make next year’s party more lively than ever. 🙂

Sharing you guys with our photo of last year’s Christmas Party! 🙂



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