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First Day of The Year For The Fam, First Day of Reality For Me

First day and am chickening out. First day and am nervous, absent minded, and bored. To try and comfort myself, I trim my hair. I met with my elder sister and tagged along for Starbucks frappe with her friends (feeling close? Haha). I attended my classes. But only to be caught off guard by one of my instructors. Nobody knows my history with regards to my studies and here I am announcing it to her. Whew.

Two people lent me two Paulo Coelho books! The Winner Stands Alone, and The Devil and Miss Prim. Wow! So thankful for a day like this but saddened by the fact that National Bookstore at SM does not have any Paulo Coelho stock! Why sad? Because, what if someone waltz in and looks for a Paulo Coelho book to buy and he/she finds nothing on the shelf? What a heartbreaker!

First day and am spacing out. I though I said “I’m back to not-talking-to-anybody-at-all mode” but here I am on a late afternoon, looking for someone to bully, or at least someone to talk to. First day and my mind is filled with literature and am quite excited with this local book called Librong Itim. Am not a fan of horror stories nor of books in our local dialect but am quite thrilled to hold something like this and have the chance to read it. Borrowed it and planning to read tonight but here I am, just typing about it. Fine, fine, I’ll read it after this post. Haha.

First day of school and when I passed by in front of the university, a lot of students are outside that it looked like there will be a stampede. My anti-social self is triggered. I don’t want to pass through that crowd. If that will be how the crowd will look like before my class, I think I won’t make it. Ugh.



A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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