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scale modeling: a love story

I think I will never go tired of sharing the story of how I fell in love with scale modeling. to the people who knew me and to the ones who know the story well, I know you’re rolling your eyes right now as I am about to retell a series of events in a detailed manner, again.

Photo above by Hamiti

it was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I had this certain feeling that I have to buy dog food. I arrived at SM City Baguio with a pout as I pass through a crowd of people. What event is this again? Why are there so many people right now? Urgh. I went on my way and bought Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. I was about to pass through them again and decided to take a peek just because. a long table in front, glass cases everywhere. I can see robot-looking metals, airplanes, military tanks, and wooden ships! Ohhh the ships! I was looking for a logo or signage of what event it is but I only saw a small logo which says “IPMS BA-Baguio” what does that mean? do I really have to google search it before engaging myself more of this? I was looking around for people in charge. I think they’re the ones with large I.D.s. One looks grumpy, another one walks around too much. I saw one who looks approachable and so I asked about what is happening here. I could not remember much of what he said because I wasn’t paying attention. I also got his name, Troy, and his number in case I was interested to join. I went home with the decision that I will go back there the following day.

I got there early that the mall just opened. A guy with reading glasses was alone at the long table, doing something with some things. Good, no one is still around. I can confidently ask more about IPMS. I googled it last night and it means “International Plastic Modelers’ Society” whatever that means. I did not read through because I wanted to hear more about it from the people behind it. I went near the guy and started asking stuff and in no time I was there, grabbing a chair from below the stage and I sat across the guy and watched him closely as he fiddled on a plane. I was so amazed, so dazzled by the parts being connected together and painted in such manner. I was so into it that I forgot I was in public. I was awaken by him when he told me he’ll have lunch first and that I should eat too. I said okay but when I looked around, a lot of people was coming and going, walking around. I was shocked and my legs were frozen. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be too exposed. Ashamed that I am now alone, I ran away from the crowd with heavy breathing. I felt like I was suffocated. I went to eat at Turks, a quick lunch just to say that I had lunch then I ran back to my post to wait for the guy who’s teaching me how to build the air craft. Afraid of the crowd and the noise, I isolated myself from them through watching and listening only to what the guy in front of me is saying.

If I was not possessed I was in a trance, like I was there but not really there, like, I was staring at something I cannot control, like I was being enveloped by challenge and thrill, fear and excitement riled up inside me. I wanted to try what he’s doing right there and then, I was tempted to ask for his tools and try building even if I have no idea whatsoever of what I am doing. But reality strikes and people from here and there kept on passing by and I looked at the time only to realize it was getting late! I wanted to stay until closing but of course I cannot.

I came back the following day and then the next day. I registered on a Wednesday or a Thursday, if I remember correctly. I wanted to be a part of it, right at that moment. I went there daily for a week! Friday, a group of people were laughing and talking, people who seemed to be elders from the group. The Big Guy, who sir Chris B mentioned as the president, was smiling at people. How scary yet he looks kind. And then I don’t know why and how but The Big Guy asked me what I was interested in. I don’t know how to answer that because I was too overwhelmed to think about what I really want at the time. My mind was blank for a moment and I suddenly uttered “air craft”. They laughed and I don’t know why, but The Big Guy confirmed. I said yes. He told me to come back the following day (Saturday) cause he’ll give me a kit. And I was like…really? like, for real? as in? am not dreaming? I thought to myself. I nodded as no words could come out from me after my answer “really?”. I was filled with excitement! I was so excited to end the day and wake up on a Saturday to come as early as possible. I came by the next day and they were having this “Speed Build” where compressors were everywhere and The Big Guy was there, sitting in front, building something I do not remember because I was too focused on the thought that I am already a part of this NEW thing even if I do not understand it completely. Then The Big Guy said I should return the next day again because he forgot the kit. I understand because, look at the things he brought, I wouldn’t expect anything from him with those. So I happily said yes. In the afternoon, Jam asked me about my full name. In the evening, the awarding commenced and then raffle time. I wasn’t expecting anything of course because duh, am just a new member. But guess what? I won an airbrush with a compatible compressor! lucky me, blessed me! I was too shocked and overwhelmed. I went down the stage after getting my first ever airbrush and compressor, and as if a lot of them knew me from then.

Photo above. Photo taken by : Tim Q. Maceren Images. I look funny and I don’t know. Pardon me from looking too funny at the time. Hahahaha. Mixed emotions!

Sunday, the last day of their event. I was called inside the closed railings, like, I was to joint he group inside. I wasn’t sure if it was right but Jam said I could because I am already a member. So I went inside and sat on a chair at the side. Sir Chris B handed me a a large poster of air crafts! Whoa! I was amazed again! Will I be able to build these stuff? Will I be able to really create these accurate, real-life looking air crafts?! Thinking to myself, I was scared but excited for the challenge. In a while, The Big Guy handed me kit and told me “enjoy building”. I touched the box. My heart is beating fast.I do not know what to do. I was not sure how to do this and how shall I start? I ran to White Base, because according to them it is where to buy the things I need. So I went there and bought my first cement, my first tweezer, my first side cutter. They ran out of hobby knives so I have to buy that somewhere else. I also bought the paints I needed according to the labels on the side of the box. After buying, I ran back to the mall to peek into what’s happening. It’s cosplay time! But I wasn’t that much into cosplay so I did not bother watching. I was busy now, strolling with my family, holding my very first kit and tools for dear life! I wanna go home and start! I wanna go home now!

And that my dear readers, is the story of how I fell in love with scale modeling and IPMS BA-Baguio.

I went home and



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