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wall of china

Rejections. Everywhere, every day, every single moment of your life. But then, without rejections, you will never grow. You will never go where you really want to be. As many have said over and over again, “Fail to Succeed”. 

I am not certain about my status on taking rejections but, I know for sure that I am learning bit by bit. And for once, I’d like to address the individuals who see rejection as a part of the great wall of China.

Dear You,

It is okay. It is okay to be rejected. That girl who ignored you and made you look like a fool? To hell with her! There are a lot of better girls out there who would see your worth. That proposal you spent sleepless nights for which got rejected by your boss? Review your proposal and maybe you’ll see what you lack, revise it, redo it, and propose again. That report your instructor corrected with all his might, say “thank you” and the next time you report, you will know what to do. That write-up you wrote for months only to be rejected by the publishing company? Rewrite, revise, and submit again.

Never give up, never stop, never surrender. 

They bashed you? They told you words which hurt your ego, your mind, your heart? They made you feel so down you cannot accept their words? They stepped on you and your precious work?


You can sulk all you want. You can swear all you want. You can throw plates and all the glass wares at home. You can rant and ramble all day long. But make sure that it will only last a day. Because the next time you wake up, you should be prepared. To get rejected again.

So shout this out the moment you open your eyes the next day…

“Good morning Universe! Here I am, are you ready for me?!” 




A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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