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Team Work: All For One, One For All

Team work. Group work. What does it really mean and why does it matter in school settings? Why do we always have to be included in groups and work together? I think one reason would be to train us to work alongside coworkers (in the future) or people whom we barely know so we could develop our sense of having to work within a company.

But you know why I enjoy group works? Because there’s an opportunity for debate, arguments, fights, bonding, laughters, and other stuff that would either show our unity or publicize how divided we all are. Our individual actions would determine how strong our bond is as a group, and our group activities would reveal how well we cooperate as an individual. I think the saying “All for one, One for all” (or is it the other way around? Ha ha) would be the best quotation for team work. Wouldn’t you agree?

But i will have to leave you hanging with that for today because I want you to think what your actions have been, how have you been acting around your mates, how cooperative were you, and how would you assess yourself inside a group. Are you one of those who would move forward even when your team members are falling behind? Or are you one of those who would lock arms with your team members and do everything in your power to make the group forward and if you fail , you fall with everyone?



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