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Life is not simple. And in most times we may find ourselves in front of our fears, with our knees shaking, uncertain of what to do. But… But…

Whenever you’re faced with uncertainty regarding your fears, smile. Never show how frightened you are. Laugh as hard as you can, and just say “yes” to whatever your fear is telling you. But first of all, you have to filter those fears and put them in one box of chocolates, for when you cannot say yes to your fears, just eat ’em like you’re eating chocolates.

But right now, I’d like to address the artists, the writers, and the scale modelers.

Dear Artist,

Your work, no matter what it is, no matter how ugly it may seem to look like for others, it is a work of art, nonetheless. It is made up of your hard work, your efforts, your mind and heart, your soul. Nobody has the right to call it ugly. Nobody has the right to criticize it just because. But if you’re frightened to create that piece of art right now because you fear that it would not please whoever you want to please, stop–stop for a moment and breathe deeply. Close your eyes and pat your shoulders. Think of yourself, think of what you really want to put out into the world. And whatever you have decided to do, smile and move forward. Tell yourself that you own your art and that you are the master of your thoughts and that what you think and feel will be transmitted to your work of art through your hands.

Dear Writer,

Why do you write, may I inquire? Why do you hold that expensive pen and write endlessly through the night? It must be big, your dreams and all. For one would not write without something they desire. Am I right? But I know that there are times that you cannot even pick up the pace, the pen, the right push, for you to write. Maybe you’re thinking it may not get into the big leagues; maybe you’re thinking that your piece would not have the audience impact you’re expecting it to get; maybe you’re too scared it might hit an iceberg and sink like the Titanic, or maybe you’re thinking it would be ignored and put aside by publishers. Here’s me telling you, one writer to another: just be yourself and write. There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just our minds whispering you should be afraid of social norms, of what the society may think and what the society might or might not accept. Just write. One sentence a day would do until you have that feeling that you can write 500 words a day. Shut the doors of society’s judging eyes and mouth and just write.

Dear Scale Modeler,

It is a hobby. It is a hobby we share and a hobby we most love. So why are you not joining one if not all the competitions laid in front of you? So why are you not out there building in broad daylight and sharing the public what you know? You may be intimidated by other scale modelers; you may think you don’t have the skills for you to join a National or International competition. I say, you just do not have the guts to dive in. I say you’re afraid you would not win something or would not be recognized for your skills or work. And maybe you’re burned out right now you cannot even hold a hobby knife or sniff the thinner or touch your kit. But hey, your fellow scale modelers are here for you. This is why we have a club, an organization where we support one another and encourage each and everyone to build more and build more often. We are here to push you to join one if not all the competitions there is, be it local or whatnot. Just go right there and then and join competitions. It does not really matter if you win or not. Every time you join is an opportunity to learn. Every time you join, you’ll have something to gain, no matter how many times you do not win.

All of us have those moments of being down, of being discouraged to do things. There would be those times when could not stand up straight and face the world. But I hope that I have changed your mind somehow. I hope that somewhere inside of you, wherever and whoever you may be, you have found something in what I shared today.

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A future famous writer who elopes with adventure and lives a life of wonder. between 25 and 30, she continues to explore human realities and struggles to change the unchangeable currents of the seven seas.

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