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inefficient piece

In times when I am not feeling well, my mind is boggling me with thoughts and things to think about.

Like earlier in ESP class, this phrase was stuck in my head: evaluating the effectiveness of the course… connecting them to my Business English topic earlier too: employee motivation… replacing some words and it becomes: evaluating the effectiveness of a company with regards to how they motivate their employees… or… evaluating the effectiveness of an organization by how the true leaders motivate their subjects

How does one say something is inefficient? at home, on the school campus, at the workplace, or in a group? The Inefficiency of Being The One Who Sees It All Sometimes when you see and hear everything when you know something is definitely wrong, you are tempted to correct things, to act on it and change the way things are, or to at least lessen the pain of those who are hurt along the way. But sometimes when you act, you become inefficient due to misleading actions and words or just plain miscommunication. The Inefficiency of Being a Wallflower Of course… you will never be efficient if you stay as a wallflower. That is obvious. But the hard part in all of this is that you are aware of your inefficiency.

At first, you are determined and dedicated and passionate about what you think you could do. But when power and hierarchy kick in, you realize how inefficient you are as an individual. Your hands tremble with the thought of it, you suddenly feel helpless and alone. You were slapped with the reality that you can never change a system or anything at all if you are not in the position, which you know you do not want and will never have anyway. You struggle inside (English 7 and 8: internal conflict) and you end up either with peace of mind or self-destruction(English 7 and 8: resolution). With the kind of person that I am, it would be likely that I will end up with self-destruction for a better cause rather than attaining peace of mind.

I will never be peaceful with the way things are.

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