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First Time Speed Builder


Speed Build: where a few scale modelers are challenged to build together using one kit with the same sale in a limited time without depleting the quality of your builds.


Kit on the table: German Tank Ace Normandy 1944

Brand: Dragon

Scale: 1/16

Start: 8:00 a.m.

End: 5:00 p.m.

I was a bit late but it is okay. I touched the kit and I was nervous. Can I really do this? Am I even really truly doing this? Were my thoughts when I opened the kit. I started cutting the parts from the sprue tree and all nervousness faded away. Building a 1/16 scale figure for the first time is like…wow! I have never touched this big a scale. I only have experience on 1/35 figures but this…this is a different one.

Having the privilege to be able to build alongside other scale modelers such as Sir Ron, Sir Viper, Sir Joven, Sir Dan, and Sir Noel is a memorable experience that someone like me would never forget.

After assembling the parts, I paused for a while to feel the moment–to let the whole event sink into me. I am here, sitting and building with people I have high respect for, building this kind of kit for the first time and having one of the most amazing times of my life. Looking at them work, looking at their backs while they’re building, and hearing their voices in lesser volume (because I am listening to rock music on my phone for focus and less pressure) makes it all more real. This friendly competition is more than just a competition for me. It is more of a stepping stone, a path I should take and overtake to make room for more learning. Even when I knew I was not going to win against anyone here, I still joined for the sake of being able to build with them.


For painting, I originally planned to hand brush everything, literally everything. But I ended up using an airbrush for the primer and a little black for a bit of shadow even if it won’t make any impact when I hand brush it. For the leather coat, I used pure oil paint which I regretted right away as it will take time to dry. I used Medium Blue of Tamiya for the pants which in my point of view would be closer to the reference photo that sir Dan printed. The flesh of Tamiya for the face, and Ocean Grey of Tamiya for the gloves. For detailing, white of Mr. Hobby and pink of Tamiya. For the coat, I dry brushed it with silver and white of Mr. Hobby. For dry brushing the pants, I used brown of Tamiya, red-brown of Tamiya, and flat black of Tamiya. Then I washed it with black and brown of Tamiya washes (I forgot the exact name because I borrowed it from sir Ron). I also used a brown wash on the face, blue of Tamiya for eyes, and red-brown of Tamiya for the eyebrows. I used black oil paint and black enamel of Tamiya for the shoes in which I do not really know why I did that. Then I airbrushed some Alclad flat coat for finishing.

I finished at 4:30 p.m. leaving sir Joven as the last one to finish. The judges were scale modelers from IPMS-BA who came from Manila for the 14th Invitationals of IPMS BA- Baguio. With Speed Building, they will only choose one winner and that’s it. Of course, sir Ron nailed it again this year. I should have interviewed him on how he did the kit. I should have approached him and asked him a lot about how he does his kits for Speed Building. I guess I will talk to him about it soon. He he.


As sir Joven and others were saying they’re tired and exhausted, I do not know why I am so hyped up. I’m like…whoa! I want more more more, please! More days like this, please! More times like this one, please! More chances to build with these peeps, please! It’s like…oh my!!!! I finished the kit! Oh yes! We all finished the kit! Oh, my! What an enormous experience which I want to feel every once in a while.

I wonder how my fellow scale modelers feel when they are in the Speed Build competition… I wonder how they see it as a whole, I wonder what their thoughts are…



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