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Invitationals: What it Means for Me


family photo after Awarding Ceremony on Saturday, April 14, 2018                                             (Photo taken by Mr. Jason Mark Borja)



14th IPMS BA Baguio Invitationals.

I first entered the 12th IPMS BA Baguio Invitationals…

My first official Invites was on the 13th IPMS BA Baguio Invitationals…

14th IPMS BA Baguio Invitationals is my second time to participate in the Invitationals…

But what does “Invitationals” mean for me?

Before the 12th IPMS BA Baguio Invitationals, I was on the second floor of SM City Baguio, looking down on the display of aircraft and other scale modeling kits along with the people who flock the event. That would be one of the many reasons why I never went near the event before.

Now that I am in, now that I know it enough to love it, I have this growing hyped up feelings about Invitationals. One month before the event, my heart is pounding. Three weeks before the event, most scale modelers are posting about cramming and rushing and excitement about the event, and I may not post about it but I could say that I am extremely excited for the event. Two weeks before the event, everybody seems to be busy with their entries and displays. One week before the event, my heart beats as though it races with time as it ticks and moves forward to the day of Ingress. One day before the event, I breathe deep and close my eyes. In my mind, I imagine members preparing for the big day. In my mind, it is a mini movie clip or a short film where scale modelers are carefully packing their scale modeling kits, each one in slow motion as they leave their houses to either wait for a cab or wait for another modeler who drives a car and rides with them to the venue. The consistent laughs and their voices heard around the mall, with rock music as background, their footsteps going along with the beat until they arrive at the venue. I open my eyes to come back to reality and it’s still a few hours away from Ingress.

One whole week! Six days of the exhibit to be precise! The glass cases, the tables, the stage for Demo Building, the area for Speed Builders, the lightsaber-like lights, the chairs for visitors, the tents for officers, the entryway, and the lights from the whole SM City Baguio adds to the atmosphere of an enormous event, one which is remarkable enough to be listed in one’s life history! Who would not want to feel the glorious moments of being able to join and participate in such event!


For me…

Is an event where scale modelers from Baguio as well as from Manila gathers in one place to celebrate another year of publicly displaying our friendly competition along with an exhibit of our latest builds; is an event where we show people how we build the kits displayed and share them our knowledge with regards to history and scale modeling; is an event where new members flock from everywhere and joins the club for the hobby; and is an event where the people you do not expect to visit would show up and look around, congratulate you for being part of it all, and would catch up with you with a handshake or a smile or perhaps a small talk. Though the event is for the members’ friendly competition, it is also for the public, to make them aware that such hobby exists and that everybody can do what we do, it only takes a few months of learning the rules of the trade and the flow of the community.

Now it would be nice to know what Invitationals mean for other scale modelers like me…

What is the biggest scale modeling event in where you reside? And what does it mean for you, personally? 



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